What does it mean when you say about your ex-girlfriend? 'Since we've been apart.'

My boyfriend said that about his ex to me. I need some opinions please.


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  • You asked this question before and you have asked questions about other things your boyfriend has said or done. I have no idea if he still has a thing about his ex, but you obviously think he does.

    • yeah, it drives me mad.

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    • Well it is hard to give a definitive answer. Maybe he has feelings for her maybe he doesn't. Maybe you are reading into things and are a jealous person by nature. It is a tough situation.

    • Im a jelous person by nature, but I know when something sounds funny, I just want to ask enough people, to see if I'm crazy or not. But I do believe I can pick up on it. Sad. Even if he loves her, he can't have her. And he wants to move on. But I don't want to be with a man who has feelings for his ex.