Trapped between two guys...

One guy is my boyfriend, the other is my best guy friend. I have known my best friend since 7th grade, we're 18 and 19 now, so it's been a while. I knew he had feelings for me way back when and I politely turned him down, We still talked all the time and kept in contact over the years and I saw him in school over the next 2 years. He told me about his feelings for me in my freshman year of high school but I just kind of brushed them off. Not rudely, but I was surprised he still felt that way. And then..the feelings began to grow from then on. Fast forward to 10th -11th grade. I had a boyfriend, but it didn't work out. My best friend was my therapist. we talked about everything, gave each other advice and was there when my ex broke my heart. Later that year I went into ANOTHER relationship. I met this guy, we didn't really talk for as long, but we started dating. He loves me a lot and I still have strong feelings for him. Things were going great for about 2 years...and then he moved to Japan with his family. Then we are kind of 'broken up" because I just can't handle the distance anymore (I'm in the States). I have very strong feelings for both guys. They treat me well, they are kind, and considerate of my feelings, its extraordinary and I feel lucky to have them both. In spite of this, I feel lonely. I told by boyfriend about my feelings and he wants me to choose. I don't want to hurt either of them...I don't know what to do

i spelled "help" lol


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  • Well, it's obvious you should date an older guy. My dance card appears to be empty right now, I'm talking to a couple of girls but I think they have other issues going on. I love petite, intelligent women.

    And of course, I'm not serious, I'm old enough to be your dad.

    We old dudes don't get much play from girls your age.

    Okay, that's taken care of.

    Just from reading this once, it's obvious that you belong with the friend. Don't be nervous about it and just make your move. He's probably wanted to kiss you for years. It sounds like your boyfriend understands and won't have much of an issue with it.

    • Hahaha you''re funny. I like funny people. Thank you for the advice. I cherish advice from people who've been around a few times. ^^

    • And young women make me feel like I can go around a few times more. Especially those under 5 feet tall.

      That sounded creepy. I should qualify that statement, shouldn't I.

      Older than 18 petite girls...haha

      If neither works out and my heart won't get broken again, let me know. I need an excuse to come photograph the New England area. That's what they call all those states up there, right?

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  • that seems really confusing but you also need to choose what's best for you if your not sure about either of them and don't want to hurt them then maybe neither of them because if your trying to avoid hurting the other then maybe its less painfull if it neither and less thinking on you to choose between them but if you really want to choose between on then take ypur time on choosing .

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