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I've been seeing a guy for a month, we're both interested in each other for sure. We hang out, text, call, flirt, hug - but we haven't talked about exclusivity, or even out right said our feelings for each other. I really feel like we're in a sort of limbo and feel like we're very much undefined right now.

He's leaving for a month long vacation at the end of the month, and I know I'm going to really miss him. He'll be out of the country, so I guess the best we would be able to do is email. I feel like we should talk before he leaves, but I also think he should be the one initiating it. I'm afraid if I bring it up, it might seem needy, OR he could be waiting until he comes back. All in all I just don't want to mess anything up, esp when he will be gone for a whole month.



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  • Why do you want him to initiate it? Most women (including myself too) wanna wait for the guy to make the move, but what if he's waiting for you? Maybe he likes a girl who takes initiative or he's scared you don't feel like he feels or you just want something physical?

    Next time you hang out with him, tell him you really like how things are but you're a bit confused, ask him if he's seeing other girls and if he says no you can ask him to make you two exclusive. If he says yes, well...that's your answer then.

    Good luck!

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