Is it real interest or just sex?

I don't know what to think, please please help me !

I met a guy on the net. We've been seeing each other for 3 weeks almost everyday. He treated me like a princess, gifts, crazy date ideas, romantic messages and calls etc. He asked me very early in the relationship to be his girlfriend. We had sex not so long afterward. Then we kept seeing each other sometimes just sleeping together sometimes more. Everything went so fast I had doubts so I came back on the dating site to realize his status was still as SINGLE and new very sexy pictures of him were added to his album. I sent him a message on the site about it and he said he wasn't flirting with other girls but he would understand if I didn't want to see him again. We had planned to spend the evening and night yesterday togheter and he asked if I still wanted to see him I said yes. When he came at my place we talked about it and he could NOT give me an explanation to why he was still on this site and got REALLY mad saying I was not dumb and I could realize he would not do all those efforts if he wasn't serious. He said it made him mad that I was not very demonstrative with him and looked like I didn't like him that much.

I need opinions on this because I really have a hard time believing him and I want to know what other people think of this...

Will guys who are really attractive with no problems getting girls still spend lots of money for a girl, spend most of his time with her and travel for hours to see her and come give her gifts and then go to work ONLY for sex?


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  • Babe, it sounds like your dating a PLAYA. It is not good. When I was younger I hung out with a friend from work. I was about 23 at the time and I was still learning about the dating scene. It turned out that he was PLAYA. We would go out looking for girls and he would date and have sex with more than one girl. He would even have sex with three to four different girls in a given day just to get some p****. When I hung out with another friend of his, it turned out that this PLAYA was more of one than he was. He actually had four girlfriends living in different parts of the city. He would visit them whenever he could to get p****, and that was basically the whole idea was for PLAYA. How much could you pound and how often. He wasn't looking for a girlfriend, or someone to be with. He only wanted to spread his seed, and get a lot of action. Take care of yourself, and I hope you can find someone better than this, because a guy who wants to be with you, and wants to be your boyfriend will close the account down, or change his satus to taken if he has a gf.

    • I stopped contacting him for one day and he started sending me crazy love messages and deleted his account on the dating site. Do you think its still just bullsh*t?

    • I have to agree with TKDKidd, He is trying to keep a hold on you and will do or say anything to keep you in his grasp.

  • To answer your question. Pretty much.

    Yes, you will find the odd white knight, but the fact of the matter is guys still have instincts that they have to conquer all females and in order to do so, they need to sleep with as many as possible. While the idea is pretty outdated, the thought process still remains the same, do anything to get it in as much as possible.

    The fact that he was so willing to say "he wasn't flirting with other girls but he would understand if I didn't want to see him again" should send alarm bells to you that he was simply using you. And his actions upon further questioning is indicative of the fact that he has either moved on, is hooking up with others on the side or plans on moving on very shortly if he hasn't already.

    • I stopped contacted him for one day and he started sending me those crazy love messages and deleted his account. Do you think its still just bullsh*t?

    • To be honest, yes I do. Most guys will do things to make themselves appear to be much more sincere and caring than they actually are in order to get it in. This does include spending all of the money, sending the 'sweet' messages, that cost nothing outside of $.10 to send. Trust me, I could say all sorts of sweet nothings to you right now and it would be as meaningful as his words appear to be to the rest of us.

    • thank you very much for your honest answer

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