Ladies: what would make you interested in a guy that you'll have to take him home?

what is it behind making a woman feel very sexy? what is it that will get you off mentally? is it his words? the things he do? who he is? how it seems as if you can wash your clothes by grinding them across his abs? I'm not looking for getting some in record time, pickup lines or that garbage-arse pick up artist stuff but I just need some guidance on this subject. what is it to be mentally stimulating?


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  • It's about how fine he is. Nice abs, good looking face, sexy body, great style, good haircut...all those things have to come together to create a sexy appearance


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  • Be nice, and talk about what you dream of doing, what you want to become, and try not to touch her and get into her pants, for at least one month. But do say that you would like to do that in time.

  • Everything, if he talks right, if he dresses right, if he talks right- then he has the whole package, too me.

    Sometimes, he doesn't even have to speak, just being himself is good enough for me.

    • at most times, being yourself isn't good enough. most women want the a**hole or bad guy whos great for mr right now untill they realize that they actually have a "bad boy". would it be him stimulating your imagination with stories and sensual thoughts?

    • No, I don't want a bad boy. I almost lost my life over one-literally.

      I want a nice, respectful guy. I hope a shy, down - to- earth-guy.

      So yes being yourself is the best, to me- at least.

      I can't answer for another girl!

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