Are you going to be yourself or not?

After reading some relationship questions, comments, responses, etc. I keep running across some very confusing/ backwards stuff. (No everyone just some people.)

I hear something like this. "I want someone who wants me for me." - understandable

Then when things don't go the way they want it, it may turn to this . . ."It's no use, they only want the bad girl/ bad boy." "They don't know anything good when it hits them in the face." "I'm tired So there is no point in being a person/ the person I am. I give up. There is no use, it doesn't matter", "Maybe I should just be someone else, to attract them"

Why be someone else? Wouldn't that defeat the point of finding someone for YOU!?

If you are someone else, they may not find you in the first place.

How can you be upset about being ignored, and then change because you didn't get what you want? Isn't that life?

Why ask questions on how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend, then dismiss the answers and honest comments given to you,because you really don't care, or do you?

See, how confusing this becomes? Being consistent (being you)

causes a lot less problems. Believe me, I know.

So what is it?

Are you going to be yourself (for you),or not?

I want to say I'm curious, but really, I'm just blowing off some steam, and a lot of confusion.

Pay me no mind.

I don't know what to say, or how to answer questions like this anymore.

Maybe I need a break from this site, period.

I don't know...


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  • this site sucks sometimes


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  • It's cool. A lot of times I rant in question form; to see if I can get a bit of empathy. haha

  • Hey yes I've read some of those questions and it confuses me.


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  • No one is going to fall for you... Right away.. - This applies to a lot of people.

    "Be yourself" is the advice most people would give you. Worst advice ever. Bad concept.

    You're not being someone else per se. You're just adjusting yourself for a while till you are comfortable showing that person who you are. I mean, you're not hiding anything to where it can shift your relationship.

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