We're too good of friends, I hate it.

How come you always complain to the one guy who will listen to you and cares about you about guys that treat you like s#¡t? Like you ask where that guy is, the one who doesn't just want to have sex, and we're all just stuck in your friend zone and wishing we could be that guy you are dreaming about. I mean I just always start to really start to like a girl, and they always say it won't work out, we're too good of friends, I hate it. And the one girl who didn't do that to me, I screwed up with after a year, any advice? And I need serious answers.


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  • I'm not sure what you're experiences are, but in my experience as a female, there is no such thing as a 'nice guy.'

    I'm just attracted to shyer, 'nerdier', more awkward guys naturally, and even they can sometimes turn into real d***s. The guy I'm seeing now falls into that category, and I have never felt more confused and played around in my life. He is not popular with females at all, and I'm quite popular with males, yet I can't get him to pay attention to me.

    Anyway, to answer your question, a girl can't help who she likes, or is attracted to. Usually the guy who is always there, and drops everything for her is the one she overlooks because she doesn't have to make an effort in order to get his attention. Try and be a little less available when it comes to the girl, I know its hard, and you probably want to spend as much time with her as possible, but dating is a game, and despite the fact that many people say they hate minds games, we all play them whether its intentional or not.


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  • You answered your own question... " we're too good of friends,"

    Your problem is you keep befriending these girls. That's the last thing you want to do if you have any intentions of becoming more. I don't have the allotted space to explain everything you're possibly doing wrong, but here are some golden rules for staying out of the friend zone

    1. If it wears a skirt, you must flirt

    2. Thou shalt not allow her to bitch about other guys to you

    3. Thou shalt not make yourself too available

    4. And make it clear from the start and always, that you want to do dirty things to her

    There. Follow these simple rules, and you'll never get stuck in the friend zone again.

    If you really want to understand what you're doing wrong, check out my post on the subject...


  • to put it simply teenage firls are stupid like that, hell grown women are stupid like that. they clearly aren't mature enough to understand the dumbasses they chance aren't gonna treat them right. I've always been rooting for guys like you, and believe me when this sh*t happens I give my friends an earful. but fact of the matter is you can't help who your attracted to. all you can do is try to protect yourself from hving the same thing happening again, such as start flirting the second you realize your into her so your less likely to go straight to the friendzone, and also so you don't fall to hard to soon. and just keep trying.


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