How come he texted me but when I texted him back he never replied?

ok so there is this boy who is in my grade this year and all we did all year long was stare at each other. Like we always made eye contact with me and stuff...and then my friends would catch him staring at me even when I was not even looking and then here are some of the signs he gave me that he likes me:

Stares at me everyday!

Ignores me every other day!

makes eye contact with me!

every time I ask one of his friends why he stares at me they say idk!

when I texted him and he said who is this and I told himwho I was he said wow!

when he walk by me he bite down his bottom lip!

he would always stare at me with a little bit of his mouth open!

he would watch me and my guy friend talk!

his friends would always watch me!

he would always stare at me from the distance!

he would always talk to my guy friends!

when I talked to him witch was only like twice all year he made eye contact with me!

he would mirror me (witch means copy me)!

But here are the things that makes me think he hates me:

he tells me to stop watching him! (when he tells me he smiles)

he tells my friends that he hates me!

he used one of my guys friends phone and texted me go away and blah blah blah when I texted my friend!

he dated other girls and yet when he dated those girls he would still stare at me...!

he told my friend he never liked me but yet did all of that stuff and used his phone to text me that mean stuff...!

and he texted me that mean stuff after my friend told him I don't like him anymore (I think)

and today he texted me hey (and then his name) and then I texted him back but he never texted me back so what does this mean thanks?!


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  • "every time I ask one of his friends why he stares at me they say idk!" Well, they can't really know, can they? Only he knows ;)

    The fact that his friends watch you doesn't mean a lot too. And the fact that he made eyecontact with you while you were talking, well, that's just a sign of respect and attention. Maybe he's friends with your guy friends and that's the reason he talks to them (don't really see that as a sign of interest).

    So not all the signs you see are signs.

    We can't know what that means, every guy has his own signals he gives when he's interested. Best way to find out is to start talking to him, start hanging out, ... Maybe he could have a secret crush on you, but if you guys never hang out or talk or if you aren't even friends, the feelings could be quite superficial...

    I'd say just try to befriend him and see where it goes from there!

  • He's young and immaute that is why he's being rude..he doesn't quite know how to act..but seemsl ike he does like you