What to text someone you just met?

We met at a parade and have text afterward. he was such a cutie and did not approach me in a bad way. Anyways, most of the time when I give guys my numbers or take theirs, its because we have mutual friends, go to the same school, etc. stuff like that. with other random strangers I usually don't text them. but this guy is cute and I wanna get 2 know him but its kinda weird what to text him being that he's a complete stranger. any suggestions? how can I break the ice and keep a convo flowing?


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  • Try and bring up something that happened that day...it will give you something to talk about. Do you know anything about him? How old, where he does to school?

    Was it a 4th of July parade?

    Just be like "Hey! So the parade was fun and everything, but will I ever see you again!?" Ask him his plans for the summer, ask him if he had fun at the parade. Again, try to bring up something that happened that day/or that you talked about. It will make it easier and give you some common ground.

    answer mine please? link

    • thanks..& I just answered yours :)

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    • I actually took your advice and asked him about his summer plans & things like that. we were just talking not too long ago. we've been texting almost every day since I first text him.

    • Awesome! Try and make plans to hang out!

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  • Because he's a stranger there's no need to worry about embarrassing yourself right?

    You can always go with something oddly funny to really break the ice. The standard "hey this is (your name)" works too.

    The conversation is going to go right to "so what are you doing?" anyway so its no big deal

  • Hey I just met you

    and this is crazy

    but I have your number

    I'll call you daily

    • Shut the f*** up! :D lmaoo

  • i ususally text them a prank text " boss, I buried the bodies, now what?" :P that's just me and if the girl doesent like it she can go lick a frozen pole in the winter cause there's no way ill change my personality foor a stranger.


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  • You said you've already texted each other after exchanging numbers correct? Just talk to him like he's a normal person, start with "hi" or "hey" and if he answers you back make a comment about your day and then ask him how his was. Always leave room for him to answer - never send one word texts because it leaves no room to expand on the conversation.

    You can say that you also weren't expecting to meet someone at the parade and that you normally don't give your number out but that you thought he was pretty cute. etc. Everyone likes getting a compliment. Flirt with him a bit and eventually invite him out for coffee or something. Meet up with him again so you guys can sit down and talk face to face. It's easier to get to know someone face to face instead of leaving it to texting.

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