Advice on dating high ranking professional men?

Most of the guys I've dated have been older and all had good jobs(usually IT jobs actually) but they weren't presidents or anything(well one was but it didn't last long at all) anyway, I've started dating a career military man- he's a major and soon to be promoted to the next up if all goes well. I'm googling like crazy about the military and there are some sites about what to expect or certain things I might need to do but most are for dating girls and guys entering boot camp- but my boyfriend is pretty high ranking from what I understand. Any guys/girls in the military(any branch) or people dating a military man/woman got some pointers?


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  • I would but I hate officers. He won't be doing any actual work and will have plenty of time for you so you have it made there.

    • No he works a lot he does two jobs something to do with coordinating aircraft flight times and be teaches at a school as well

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  • "most are for dating girls and guys entering boot camp"

    That says a lot about high military officers. Sounds like they prefer non-civilians according to your data.

    • I think because they are older most have wives already or I'm not searching the right things. Anyway certain military you aren't even suppose to be friends with lesser ranks than yourself let alone date them. The military is still kinda weird to me but he works often and it's obviously a big part of his life