This guy I just met in class shares random/funny/cute pictures with me?

Okay, so I just started summer classes, and on the first day this annoying, weird guy sits right next to me. He didn't say much except for a couple of things. Then on the second day of class, he gets more chatty with me and talks nonstop to me during the lecture( which was really annoying), but I pretended to be nice. Then he starts showing me all these random images on his cellphone . First one was a picture of mark zuckerberg and a cartoon character look alike, second pic was just a picture of a crazy drawing, and the third pic he showed me on his phone was a little maltese puppy with a scarf around his neck...WTF?

What does it mean if a guy shares all these random images on his cellphone with you? I practically missed half the lecture that class because he was too busy showing me pics and talking to me...

Also, I wish he would sit somewhere else! He talks too much!


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  • dude sounds weird

    • Exactly! Argh I wish he'd sit somewhere else! He talks too much while I'm trying to concentrate on the lecture

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