Hanging out to much?

i hang out with my boyfriend about five or six times a week. is that too often? we don't hang out all day though either. we hang usually from two till ten so not very long. I don't know I always think about coiuples who llive together they see each other everyday so idk.

no we've been going out for a year now and we never get mad at each other or bored. we have nothing better to do so we hang out. just relax or watch TV is better then sitting at home alone


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  • It's fine...as long as its not because you're not doing anything with your life. The more time you spend together the closer you get. It's always a great way to find out fast how well your relationship will work. If you find yourselves spending all this time together and you're not getting on each others' nerves, it's a good sign that you guys will be besties in love, a recipe for long lasting relationships. As long at your always usually happy around him and with each other, go ahead and spend all of the time you have together.

  • Not unless he doesn't like it. You can tell if he is annoyed with it if he says he can't hang out for no reason or when you hang out he ignores you:p And if he thinks its to much it may not mean he isn't interested anymore it could just be something like he wants alone time sometimes guys are just weird like that,