Good nice guy but no job or a car.

This guy from "craigslist" emailed me and now we text and call its only been a few days. I'm really really iffy of trying to talk to someone online yet he tells me he doesn't have a car and that he is in between jobs he has no job. He says he shares a car with his roommate and that he is like a stay at home mom doesn't ay bills etc. His really nice but I don't know he doesn't even stay in my town so that means I would have to come to him and pay for stuff. I'm old school I believe in the man being the one to come to me 1rst having a job and a car and not minding to do "most" of the things. So should I try something new or no.

btw I did put up and ad on craislist that's how he emailed me but now I'm regretting trying the internet dating thing again.


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  • You've already created your pros and cons list...and I have to say, the cons list wins. Let's review.




    Met on the internet


    No car

    Might live with mom

    No money

    Lives far away

    Won't be able to take of care of you

    Why are you even considering this guy? It won't work!

    So it all depends on your intentions. If you're hoping this guy will be someone you fall madly in love with, get married and spawn babies with...don't delude yourself. This one is going to be a doozy, and I think you know that. Follow your gut...which is saying, RUN FOR THE HILLS, and leave that spot open for someone more qualified. At list the list should be balanced.


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  • First off I'd be wary of anyone of craigslist because a lot of scammers and weirdos use it.

    By the sounds of it:

    You won't get along because you're too old school and believe a guy should pay for everything and you're already not supportive of his circumstances so that should already tell you something.

    Also whilst he's not employed he is trying to help out by the sounds of it.

    You'd be wise to remember that the job market is very harsh at the moment.

    • so your telling me to be supportive of a guy who got out the marines 4 months ago and who should have a car but doesn't I don't know if he doesn't have a job but he doesn't have "income" which means like I said b4 I have to put all the effort and 2 it to go see him 45 min away and pay for the dates and let him bum off me nah Yea ill pay every now and then but not all the time get it now.

    • A car costs money to insure, maintain and keep running. If he doesn't have an income then he's doing the smart thing by not getting a car.

  • At least he is honest about it. How many guys don't pretend to be some kind of moneymaker, driving around in dads car and borrowed clothes? Ask him why he is in the position he is and if and what his plan is to become employed?

    • he says he just got out the marines of 4 years so why doesn't he have a car? at least and he just said he's jobless he says he's trying but my gut says run away

    • I'm just saying, it's better to be broke and don't have a car than to drive around making debt owing money all over town. Just because somebody can flash fancy stuff around doesn't mean they're not broke, or even in debt. But "gut feeling" is key word here, if you're not comfortable, don't do it.

  • lol...just leave him and move on. You will regret being with that guy trust me.

    There is nothing wrong with being called a gold digger, only unsuccessful, ignorant and bitter people call others that.

    • im not a gold digger at all I don't ask for anything from a guy but I don't want to be the one driving 45mins to go see him & taking him out to dinner ya know

    • well, I already gave my advice. but sometimes people gotta learn the hard way.

  • Ditch him, come on I'm sure you can find plenty of good guys that have their sh*t together.

    • I wish but in my town and around my town is nothing but a bunch of "rappers" who make mixed tapes to get high and pay bills or military guys who are douche bag or the bum who stays with his parents still if you stay with your parents @ least have a job and a car ... I'm so frustrated. I can't seem to find a guy who is "on my level" per say not even close let me rephrase I can't seem to let a good guy find me ;-(

    • Just relax hun, remember good things take time. Don't judge someone based on occupation either, get to know them. There is someone out there for you just give it some time.

    • im not judgin nobody but that's exactly how it is

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  • Why would he have a car if he's been in the Marines up until 4 months ago? Like another poster said, a car requires a lot of money to maintain and insure. You don't just pay for a car once; you need to pay insurance even when you don't drive it. And what happens if it breaks down or if you get a ticket? You pay for it. Since he's currently unemployed, not having a car is a smart choice.

    Times are tough for him at the moment and although he seems like a nice guy, he might not be right for you. You have your standards and if you go against them, you might be unhappy. If you want to try online dating, don't go on craigslist. Everyone knows that's the shadiest site to be looking for a legitimate relationship; people usually go on there to hook up. Try an actual online dating site like okcupid or plentyoffish. Some will argue that those sites are shady as well,- especially pof- but if you know how to filter out the nice guys from the players, you might have some success.

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