I like this girl so much BUT !!

I am already in a long distance relationship for the summer, it's been a month, my girlfriend has been causing problems at times but she does like me.

I'm back home right now, and I constantly hang out with a friend (girl) who I've known for 3-4 years, we got close last year. I really click with her and me and her always come up with the same ideas/plans/jokes and its so fun.

Couple days ago, we were at the movies and I just felt like making moves, I moved my arm slowly to her, moved my hand onto hers and then we held hands during the movie. When we went home I texted her asking about it.

She said "it was just in the moment, I've never felt anything for you before but in that moment I did, and I honestly don't know why"

after discussing it more, she just wants us to pretend like it never happened.

Im really confused :/ I don't know, I really really click with this girl, that hand holding felt so great :/

What is she implying? What should I do? Thanks a lot for helping!


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  • You're honestly asking what you should do involving feelings and making moves on another girl when you have a girlfriend? lol What advice would you give to your girlfriend if she were asking this same question right now about another guy. Goodness.


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