Girls, do any of you experience a lack of attention from your partner?

I know my boyfriend cares about me, he tell me that he loves me often but I often find myself wishing he would care more and make more of an effort. We're very affectionate when together, however a lot of the time we just lie around. We're doing long-distance, and although I trust that he's committed since I have a lot of guys hitting on me it would be nice if he showed a bit more interest and just in general to keep things interesting. Am I expecting too much?


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  • Long distance relationships don't work

    • A BOOM!

      what do you mean interesting? bouncing with a **** in his hand in front of a webcam?

      get real, honey. LDR don't work. period.

    • They do work. Take it from me, I have been in one for a year. I love him more than anyting in this world. He feels the same way about me.

    • Wishful thinking. It won't work.

  • this usually happens at some point in a relationship. people get comfortable and know they have each other hooked so they don't do those little things that made heart flutters in the beginning. especially true if there's more going on work wise where they feel like they don't have as much time anymore. do you ever tell him you miss those little things?

    • I tell him I think he's passive, but he just laughs it off and kisses me on the forehead or makes a joke about it or something..

    • but do you ever stop him after he laughs and tell him you're being serious? if you let him laugh it off then he won't think you mean it. do you ever get explicit with it? telling him specifically what you miss that he used to do to give you attention? it might be a little awkward to bring that up blatantly but its a legit complaint about a problem that won't change unless you speak up

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