I can't tell if he's mad or just busy

My fiancee was in the field training all week and texted me last night at like midnight for a bit and said he was gonna get food and that he would be right back. So I waited for 2 hours for him to text back and I fell asleep then he calls me at 430 am and wanted to talk but I was still really sleepy and cranky and he told me to just go back to bed and I tried to tell him I would stay up because he said he was going back to the field the next morning but he sounded mad and told me he had stuff to do and I said I love you and he said it back and then hung up before I could say anything else. So I texted him what I was gonna ask and he wouldn't respond then I apologized for being cranky several times and he just rights back "It's whatever" so I apologized again and said I love you and good night. Then I wake up and text him good morning and he rights back a couple of hours later "morning" and I ask him how he slept and told him I loved you and he never wrote anything back. I feel like he's really pissed at me but I don't know what else to do to make it better. Is he mad or am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill?


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  • He spunds mad-some guys are like that,sorry. If hr really loves you he'll get over it.

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