Value keeping the friendship or try dating? Which one do you do more with close friends?

Which one do you pick with a close friend... do you value the friendship more and not risk dating? Or do you date and find out if that person is meant for you? How do you make that decision?

  • Value the friendship higher, don't date
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  • Try dating, might as well find if they are the one!
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  • I'd go for it. It makes no sense to keep pretending to be a friend if you want something more. Relationships always have risk, might as well give it a try.

    • haha yeah, I definitely agree.

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    • Yes, several times. I've met up with people like like to bike, hike and volunteer among other groups. Search out what interests you and go for it.

    • lol cool, thanks!

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What Guys Said 3

  • Well I look around at all the married people I know, with their lifelong opposite gender platonic friends ...

    Oh wait I don't see that.

    The friendship will fade anyway, stop pretending its worth more then a potential long term relationship.

    • this is quite true. Especially because when guys get married we tend to be forced to give up friendships -_- at least in the way they used to be. I don't quite think many realize how many friends a guy loses when they get married (the friends and themselves). Why? Because generally the guys put all their effort into the family. Tbh, I don't see the same happen with women. They some how manage to keep their friendships and I'm not sure how since many of them put just as much time in with family.

  • If I really am interested in them? Try and date. If they're REAL friends and not interested anyways, we can work through it. If they are interested, yay. If it ends later? If she's mature (not many are tbh...) then we can stay friends after as long as it ends well instead of her being a slut cheating or something or intentionally hurting me to try and get out of the relationship instead of being an adult and talking about it (I've yet to meet a single woman of any age who will be mature with break ups). But I don't really go into relationships ever thinking when they end. That's a stupid mindset and really only sets you up to fail. Go in with the mindset that this person is the one and only and try your best to keep the relationship good.

  • dating. we already get along so well and if she's cute, I wanna try at it

    • even if it's a best friend?

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    • QA: Your partner SHOULD be your best friend.

    • wow way to comment on everything haha. I definitely agree with that statement. I don't know what went wrong with this whole thing

What Girls Said 2

  • If he is on your mind so much that you feel the need to ask a question about him here, I'd say go for it. It's a bit too late to stay friends I think. It'd only hurt you. Think if he started dating someone and he really loves that person and even if you want to say something then you can't because it's too late. Just get it out, being honest is always the best decision.

    • oh yeah. hm. idk, well, I did tell him... he used to like me, but apparently as soon as I liked him he was like, over me? it was really weird. literally acted like he liked me up until he figured out I liked him.

  • I met a guy once. We hit it off. Became best friends. After two years, he asked me out. We dated for four years. We're engaged. So glad I took that risk.

    • "he asked me out" sounds more like he took the bigger risk >.>

    • Except I was the one who showed the interest first, flirted first, initiated the kiss first, and told him I'd say yes if he'd ask. :p

    • aww cute!