Should I reply to his text next time he texts me?

So my guy friend & I were texting all day today until like 7 pm & the conversation was getting really boring cause out of no where he replied to my last text with "Shh" which obviously meant he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I thought it was really rude & it offended me cause he could of said it in a nicer way..

But anyways.. should I text him back if he ends up texting me again? Or should I just forget about what he did to me & act like it didn't bother me? What would be the best thing to do?

Thanks :)


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  • I always let things like that slide so if you want to be cool like me you'll do the same.


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  • The way you read the text was more than likely a lot more different than what he expected you to get from it. Let it slide, that's a minor minor thing... don't hold it against him.

    • Yeah.. it probably is, but what could be a possible reason he sent me this?

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    • no problem, seriously, there are worse things he could say, so at least he was either flirty or somewhat nice about it. no sense in making a big deal of something so minor.

    • Yeah you're right lol