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so I been dating this guy since about November , we are currently intimate , but of course we go out and go on dates and do things together , but I feel like he's too comfortable to where he does not want to make me his girfriend, I mean he's pretty much receivein everthing a guy in a relationship would. I know its only been 8 months but , when people ask him what am I to him .. he tells people I'm his homegirl/friend... do you think its too early for us to be in a relationship or do you think its been kind of long? do you think he's gotten to comfortable? if he has should I light some fire under his behind... I'm feeling like he's just dating me to fill a space until someone else he's interested in comes along? what should I do ? it upsets me to the point I don't even wanna talk to him half the time...


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  • 8 months is MORE than enough time for you to be "official." You need to have a talk with him about it and see how he feels, and if it's not the same way you feel, you really need to consider moving on.

    You DO realize your mistake, right? You gave up all of your options when you started "getting intimate" with him BEFORE you were officially together. Now, your only REAL options are to deal with it as it is, or break up with him, unless he decides to go ahead and make it official.

    Haven't you heard the phrase "why buy the cow when you get the milk for free"? You've been giving him free milk, and so why would he want to have to deal with the cow NOW, when he's already getting the milk?

    As a girl, you hold the power, UNTIL you start giving out the sex. Wherever your relationship is at that point is likely to be where it stays, at least for the next 6-10 years or so. In the future, get the commitment before you give him sex, or accept that the commitment very likely will never come.

    • so in other words I can't just forget all about it?

    • Obviously you want a real commitment from him, so you need to ask for that. At this point, you might get it, and you might not. If you do, then count yourself as lucky, because you screwed up and gave away your power. But if he won't commit to you, then you really need to break up and move on. And next time, commitment comes BEFORE sex, not after!

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