Guys: Is there a certain spot on the neck you like to be kissed?

I'm a very inexperienced kisser...I just had my first one on the mouth a couple weeks ago...and after that open mouthed with tongue.

I know the signal to let a guy know you want him to kiss you is to stare into his eyes, boyfriend has tried to do that...but I spaz every time...I when I want him to kiss me, I just tell him or do it myself...

I don't get to see him much because he's in law school and studies like crazy...and we just never seem to be in a comfortable spot for me to kiss he lives at home with his family while he goes to school...and I went to his house the other day...but his WHOLE family was's not like we can go up to his room for some action when they are there...which is always...

So...he does know I'm very inexperienced, and he was my first kiss...and I think he is respecting that by taking things slow physically...but I'm afraid he will loose I want to try and turn him on a little bit more to let him know I'm ready...

Necking? I know there are a lot of nerves there on the neck...but there a spot on your neck that drives you mad?


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  • I'm not experienced either but I'd prefer my chest / stomach. Neck is more of a girl thing..least I think

    • So...I'd have to be somewhere where I can take his shirt off, right? Or can I do that over a shirt?

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    • Ok...thanks, dude! Yeah...I meant in front of his whenever I go over his house...his mom is there, and I'm like WTF? When we were hugging outside the house...he was waving to his mom...and I jumped off him...the last time he walked me to my car...I wanted to make out, but his mom was near the I just gave him a quick kiss...And I went in his room once...but we couldn't do anything because his brother was in the next room...ARG

    • haha you've seriously got to get this guy away from his mom..and his house:P

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