Should I text my crush? Guys' opinions much needed!

I've known this guy for years, we lost contact after graduation for a few years and recently got in touch. We met after the long time and it was intense! We almost started making out the second we saw each other. Sex with him was great. We hooked up again a few weeks after that. Since that, two weeks have passed and I miss him terribly.

Too bad we live a thousand miles apart and for now we only communicate through messenger, email and texts. Usually we talk about everyday stuff, but often talk about sex as well and even exchange dirty pictures from time to time. We didn't talk about feelings... yet.

I think I'm falling for him big time... if I haven't already. I don't know when I'll see him again and that makes it even worse.

The last time I texted him, he didn't reply and that was a few days ago... I guess I overdid it with texts that time and since then I always waited for him to contact me.

Now he is on a camping trip in mountains with his friends and the last time I've heard from him was a week ago when he replied on messenger and on email saying thx for a picture and hope to see me soon and that I was hot. He is returning home in couple of days.

I miss him so much now, that feel like texting him real bad, but don't want to look clingy or desperate or whatever. Should I text him or should I wait until he contacts me again? What should even text if that's the option, not to look too obsessive? Would something along the lines of "miss u" be too much, considering he wrote it to me once?

Sorry for overanalyzing... just can't help myself, maybe you know that feeling :)


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  • "I miss you" should be OK. He'll get the hint and feel good about it.

    Enjoy your time together when he comes back.

    • Thanks for your advice, it seems it worked :)

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