Why is dating attractive women so hard?

I'm a 22 year old skinny, nerdy, and lightskinned black male, My girlfriend is a 21 year old Italian bombshell. (at least to me) It gets tiresome telling guys I'm her man and she says to me she hates the attention she gets from other men (hard to believe huh). Guys always flirt with her and she always rejects them, but somedays I ask myself why did she chose me I'm not rich so why is she with me. I have considered leaving her many times because she's to beautiful for me but I love her too much and want her too myself what do I do am I wrong to feel this way and when were apart I feel like she's meeting other guys which she said, "baby I love you, you have nothing to worry about."


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  • You have her heart, the other guys don't.

    If you ask me the other guys have no chance.

    Continue to be grateful for the beautiful person (both inside out) you have.

    I'm sure she is grateful she has a guy like you in her life also.

    Although other men may find her attractive, the reality of it is many of them don't want to stick around they just want sex with her.

    Spend little focus the other men, because they aren't your competition. She is someone you already have so they can eat their hearts out.

    • Unlike most guys, when I have sex with her I still want her and I'll always will. She told me she didn't think guys like me still existed.

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    • I hope you're right

    • Ty for ba. Trust me I am. I've had a similar situation.

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  • Your problem is a self esteem issue. Surely she sees more worth in you than you see in yourself. Perhaps you're feeling insecure about the fact that she may jump ship for someone she perceives to be more in her league, but I think that is your fear.

    Your current self perception can be poisonous and affect the way you act and think which can be feel subconsciously unattractive. Constantly having to reassure someone can be taxing. Not to mention your thoughts of sabotaging what seems to be a good relationship to really good girl...all because you don't think you're good enough. What is that about? Who would be good enough?

    I hope you're able to find some kind of confidence in the fact that she has chosen you. She CHOSE you, above all these other guys who are standing in line to be with her. Stake your claim, be confident, be proud of 'yourself' and just love her the best way you know how.

    • Ok I'll just have to be confident even though guys tell me that she doesn't look like the type of girl who will date me. One guy even told me that I'm just there for the soft sentimental stuff, sex wise I don't have a chance.

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    • Dude, that's just plain old disrespectful. Those guys need to be told to step off and if they don't you need to make them. Maybe you should take some karate classes. They're obviously not threatened by you and quite frankly, this will put a damper on the relationship. You need to grow a pair and get a bark, even if its bigger than your bite.

    • I have told so many guys to back off, sometimes even the hard way.

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  • don't let anyone destroy your relationship since you really love her and she feels the same way you do.