Do you know anyone who has Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tied)? Please answer.

Do you know anyone who has Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tied)?


and have you kissed someone who has it? could you tell the difference? where they a bad kisser? if you had it would you have the surgery?


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  • I was tongue tied. No one ever noticed. Lol, I have always been told I was a really good kisser. There are ways to be good and not necessarily stick your tongue into someone else's mouth, Plus I have big/full, soft lips :) So I guess that made up for it. I had it done.

    • If you're asking for yourself, don't be self-conscious about it. Just accentuate (emphasize) your lips more. From my experience, it comes off quite passionate & a bit like a teaser. A tip: When kissing I'd occassionally suck on their bottom lip a little and run my tongue across it then. So I used my tongue in that way & no one ever knew that I didn't actually insert my tongue into their mouth because I Couldn't.

    • P.S. Some people don't even like tongue kissing/french kissin and I've kissed people with weren't tongue tied but were horrible kissers.

      Things like passion and chemistry and attraction is what also helps makes a kiss Good.

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  • I just want to comment that the surgery is really simple and hardly any recovery at all. So if it bothers you just have it clipped.

    • My friend did and she had to get it redone because it healed back =-(

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