What is the reason for a girl doing this?

So this girl tells me she has all kinds of feelings for me, wants to be with me. Then says her gut says it won't work so its not a good idea to see each other. A week later I give her space and she sends me a text saying "hope your week has been good. just wanted to pop in and say hi"

I wasn't mean, but I was short with her. What is up with that?

We had been seeing each other for 3 months. There was some distance involved, but both of us said we cared and liked the other a lot and good feel something and she said she was happy when she was with me.

Is it possible for the "gut" to be caused by her being scared or nervous?


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  • If she's been hurt in the past the gut thing is her not wanting to be hurt again. Make sure her intentions are good & she's not stringing you along because her flame with an ex is reignited

    • She has not dated anyone for a while... and th eone situation she was hurt she never wants to see the guy again. She is in a different location for the summer than school and doesn't know too any people. Is there anything I can do to make her feel more comfortable... she told me I am one of the few guys she trusts.

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    • thanks! I am going to call her Sunday or Monday and try to talk through things. But thanks for the talk glad someone is hopeful like I am

    • Ur welcome...hope everything works out 4 u

  • give her some space, just let her think it through herself just continue to support her eventually she will come to her senses that your not so bad after all lol

    • how much? its been a week... I care about her too much to just be friends

    • I need to smack you in the head, she's recovering from something...she needs time to heal..relax

    • lol... How can I support her when we are not talking? that's what I am asking... I have been down this road before and got played bad and all I did was sit around and wait. Is she worth it "yes" but time to heal from what... she has not dated anyone within the last two or three years

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