Apparently she got with her ex the other night

We've met up a couple of times alone and a few times with friends, She's told me she really likes me and I've told her the same. Each time we meet up we end up making out, I thought we were going well till last week where she completely ignored me when we were at a bar. She later explained that her ex was there and if he saw us together he would of started to kick off with either her or me, she was very apologetic about it and thought I hated her for it. I said I'm not worried about it if it saves her any trouble and that I certainly didn't hate her for it.

Tonight I heard off a friend that later on she saw her and her ex were making out in the smoking area of the club we were in, and that her ex was trying to get her to go home with him, however my friend left the same time as I did so I don't know exactly what happened after that. She said that she ended up getting extremely drunk then having a go at him and getting a taxi home on her on her own.

I said I'm not too fussed as we are not actually in a relationship or technically seeing each other so I don't feel like it's my place to say anything. But my friend kept on nagging about it saying that may be why she was so sorry and thought I hated her, now deep down she's made me feel disappointed and hurt about it, as since I've been meeting her I've turned girls down hoping that things will lead somewhere with this girl.

I really don't know what to think as it's not the best thing to hear when I thought things were beginning to get serious with her, yet if we aren't technically together then why should I feel as I do


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  • Of she is "scared" of her ex's reaction, then she is way more interested in him than she leads you to believe. Anybody that ignores a friend is not a friend, period.

    • Well I went to say Hi and she said Hi back but she wouldn't speak to me after that. I can see where she is coming from on her side of the story as her ex is mental and apparently hasn't got over the fact that she finished with him for another guy which ended up being me. The majority of fights I've seen recently are because of guys trying to get her number so I honestly think she was doing what she thought was best. It's just what my friend said has given me more to think about