I Know this is horribly long but I really could use some advice - what did this mean to him?

So this is basically a long distance relationship question except it is not a relationship. I met this guy three years ago in high school. I was there for a year as an exchange student and at first he liked me. I knew it but I was too caught up with other hot a**holes that I didn't pay attention to him - I was always nice to him though -. Then he started dating this girl who was very nice and even though I didn't know the girl, I could tell that they fit perfectly. That's when I realized that I had missed such a nice guy. We almost lost touch that year - except some times that we would talk on the phone at night for hours or text- and they dated even after I left America and came back to Europe. He loved her, I knew it. And it killed me inside all year but I never said anything to him.

After I came back we always somehow kept in touch on Facebook. Even if it's only saying hi once in two months. We Skyped occasionally. They broke up in the next year, she was the one who left him and he was devastated. He asked me for advice. I was there for him. Whenever we talked he made me feel like I was so special to him. I ate up the attention or sweet words of course because he was my biggest regret relationship wise but never quite understood why he was acting like he cared so much too. Then one day, on a Facebook game (it was one of these truth games with numbers) he told me he always had a thing for me and he wished things were different and we could have been something. When I asked him to be more open he said he wished he was single at the time and asked me out. So it was obvious now and this was more than a year ago. Like I said we always kept in touch, always flirted with each other even though we were never in each others daily life. In the past six months though, I don't know how it started we just startd talking everyday. Either messaging each other on Facebook all day or talking on Skype for hours. Oh one detail - after his break up with his ex four months or so he met this girl (he was talking to me before he went to the party he met her) and they've been dating for almost 2 years now-. Anyways, we got so close over that time. We told each other everything about ourselves and I don't think I've known anyone this well before. He kept telling me I understood him better than anyone else. Then things just got more intimate, we were like in a long distance relatiinship. I don't know how many times I fell asleep talking to him on Skype. Then he told me he loved me and he has only felt this way once before in his life,he'd do anything for m, I meant the world to him.i always said everything back to him - except the fact that I was head over heels for him for the past three years.

Then we stopped talking abruptly. I messages him lots of times trying to get the connection back but never happened now I'm in US for a month and originally he was supposed to come to me, I don't think he will. I just want to know - did it mean anything to him at all?


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  • I don't see why he would lie about it. Do you have any other way of contacting him?

    • Oh yeah, he has the number I use while I'm here. I messaged him once again after probably two months if not talking, letting him know I was about to get in the plane to fly to us and this made me think of him. The reply I got was 'you're still coming? :) you never said anything so I thought your plans had changed or something.' then later on I said it was OK if he can't make it to Boston because he works a lot in the summer, he said he would try an see if he could that they might be finishing

    • With work soon then we never spoke if it again. Actually he hasn't contacted me in almost a week. The part that makes me always question him is that he is never single when he says all these to me. I just don't get it. I really don't.

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  • Sure you can love someone from any distance, but is it able to work is another story completely


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  • From what I read, from my honest opinion you meant A LOT to him, he seems like a caring person and if you two shared so much together he definitely keeps you in his heart and his mind. I don't think he will ever forget you even if he meets someone else - If he hasn't answered your messages, then something mustve happened or he met someone new that he has his best interest in. But if anything, youu did/do meant a lot to him.

    But I have a good feeling that you will end up together in the future, cause in your post you two kept coming back for each other. I may be wrong, but you two sound like you belong together.

    • This makes me feel a lot better and thanks for saying we'll end up together, it put a smile on my face even though it's very unlikely for our paths to cross for a long time again :)

    • Im not trying to make you feel better, I just feel this might happen so don't lose hope in this.

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