Should I be all honest in a date?

Ok I just dumped this girl that I dated twice now because she still loves her ex who is a douche bastard but this girl and I are so connected that it hurts me a lot dumping her; I Haven't dated any girls since my HS days nor had any girlfriend so I just remained to my old true self, the nice guy and we all know the phrases niceguysfinishlast and friendzone; I want to date another girl again but in all account, should I be all honest? Like "I Haven't had any girlfriend since birth" , " and yes I'm a virgin" , "I think I'm a nice guy" , "I hope we could end to something more" etc. etc. Or should just change my attitude and become the uber assertive person with phrases like "Hey babe, I want to be your bf" etc.. I think I know now why I kinda ended up in the friendzone because all I did in my last date was talk about work, family, activities, what to eat, career but she was my 1st date so its natural that I talk about these things


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  • Well if she still loves her ex, I think you should dump her. Sometimes being honest is all you can do. You will meet other people, have more crushes and heart breaks. You just need to be open and honest. If your a nice person people will see that. For me its not always the prettiest guy out there. It's the guy whose honest, truthful, kind, light hearted guy. Who has a great personality. I'm sure you will find someone else who loves you for who you are.

    • This weird thing called life we found inspirations and disincentives both. How I wish happy endings do exist .. but they are just poems and fictions. Thanks for the enlightenment, I should wear it like an armor

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