What can we talk about?

So my boyfriend and I call each other every night to talk nd stuff but when we get to the point of talking he always ends up asking me what to talk about haha. We don't talk about our day much because well its not that interesting ha ha but yeah. Help?


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  • You both can talk about the discovery of the Higgs particle, and what you both think it means for the future of theoretical and particle physics. Will the Standard Model endure?

    Probably not hte type of answer you were looking for...

    But maybe it is? If you have nothing to talk about yourselves, then talk about something that is not yourselves. Like current events, or old events, or any of the many topics known to humankind.

    That way, you don't have to tell him how your day was.

    • Haha for one second there you kind of lost me but, then I researshed xD you reminded me of sheldon from the big bang lol. I think this idea is great! Although I don't think he's the kind that would know a lot about physics :s but I'm surely gonna try, thanks!

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  • You both should look into doing more activities together. It will at least make for good conversation. Everyone goes through those dry conversation periods.

    • I really wanna go out with him more its just a little difficult for us because we live far appart :(

  • Maybe don't talk everyday.

    • I was thinking about that... He always calls me to say good night, I just wanna keep talking at least a few more moments because we don't see each other because we live far apart and we miss each other...

  • I have a similar problem now too. It seems that we have run things to talk about after 8 months of basically talking everyday for hours. Now it seems like we can't carry the convo for more than 30 min before it gets boring. I t was easier when I went to school but since I graduated college its not fun anymore and we get annoyed we can't talk about anything. Lemme know if you find out something that works :)

    • Talk about the higgs particle! Haha I'm just kidding unless you actually want to. I had a previous comment where someone told me to talk about things that are not related to ourselves there for we can engage on things that could sort of be classified as out of the ordinary. You should read it and see what you think ;)

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    • And I do appreciate that girl. See and I'd actually be interested in your topics since I am not exactly creative I'm more analytical and your stuff would make me have good ideas out of nowhere lol.

    • I would talk to him about your types of topics I'm just not so familiar with all that stuff. But you should give it a try though, I'm going to base topics 4 your conversation on what I do. That will give you at least a little something to talk about with her. Ask her if she plays any instruments, would like to learn, does she like upcycling things, go on a picnic that you made her... Lol I kind of talk to my boyfriend about these types of things haha. I don't know if this helps :/

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  • Make a list in your head of things that happened that day that were funny, interesting, or just plain informative and tell him that. Then ask him what he did that day. Maybe there is something going on you're missing so be more curious :)

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