Vacation fling? To have a good memory?

Just wondering how many of you girls and guys would be open to a vacation fling? How far would you let it get? Would you do it out of curiousity? To have a good memory?

  • Yes! Please God let it happen!
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  • Maybe - Only if s/he is from another country
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  • Maybe - only if s/he is from the same area as I am
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  • Very Unlikely - only if there is a possibility of a LT relationship
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  • Never - Totally against it and would never let it happen
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. I love a vacation fling! Too many good/ fun memories to mention. When I take a vacation I step out of character. That is how I relax and decompress. How far I let go? As far as its potential!

    • Have you had one before? How long was your vacation and just curious where did it happen?

    • My vacations are about 7to 10 days. So the flings would be a bout the same or less. They can vary from being a party buddy to f*** buddy for the time being.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It would make any vacation worth its $$$ :))


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah sure. I voted B just cause I'm undecided - I might - but it doesn't depend on where she's from, it just depends on what she's like. I wouldn't want it anywhere past making out.