Do woman have dating power or is it both?

I saw this girl with a tight dress and every man was going nuts I wonder do woman feel the same as men or do woman have it easy to get a man and a relationship it is kinda depressing if a man is the one with desires and woman have it better.


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  • Men going nuts over a girl wearing a tight dress isn't dating, it's being horny and wanting "to do" her. If the girl just attracts guys who like her because she looks good or she wears a nice dress, that's kinda sad for the guys (and the girl too). Those aren't dating material.

    It's not that all good looking girls just have to look at a guy to make them crazy about them. If only it were that easy sometimes ;)

    We don't have the dating power, because good dating is because people like who you are, how you are, how you look, what your personality is like, ... not because she looks fancy.

    • HMM You are a woman you know you don't have urges and besides woman these days are shallow too much then men. Since there homo daddies treat them like little princesses and tell them that what they have between their legs is sacred and it's makes money (Yea sure woman have it harder) BS. You woman all you have to do is wear a revealing outfit and men go crazy like homer simpson no t.v no beer make homer something something something?..

    • How I love it when people think all women are the same. That's all I'm saying about it because your post doesn't make sense.

    • woman are humans not saying all the same but in todays society we see a lot of skimpy outfits and tight clothes woman wear and not to be rude but you girls can get sex whenever you girls want. AM I CORRECT?

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  • We don't have it easy to get a relationshlt. Don't over do it, small penis.

    • i do see a lot of woman in relationships more than men especially if there pretty it's really unfair.

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    • men should be men and stop bitching, and start taking responsibility for their own actions, unlike spoiled rotten Arabia, a land where religion is used as an excuse to abuse women.

    • You woman love it when men are down huh love kicking them in the floor. Maybe it has to do when you were girls were little when daddy didn't want to buy you a pony. But men get judged by verbally not hitting verbally or emotionally attack woman. American laws are full of sht. men should be men we are men you dummy. it's wrong if a man kicks a woman while she down but never a woman.

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  • If we're talking realistic here, girls still aren't too inclined to approach guys. So in that aspect, we have the power to start things with any girl of our choosing (assuming a girl doesn't do the approaching). We can pick which one we want to talk to, which ones we don't talk to, and we're basically left with the choice of starting something or not.

    That's pretty powerful.

    • man power.

    • they don't need as much qualifications as we do though

    • They need some self assurance, as do we. If you "hate taking charge", then it sounds like you like to whine and not do anything about your problems.

  • i'm tired of people arguing, saying that real men, men with balls have the power, because the men with balls do not have the authority to get a woman to accept, choose him, women are entitled to dating and relationships, men are not

    • Will see where you'll be in a couple of years when man snap. that's right cooking and cleaning.

    • women just have to say Yes or No

  • No, women don't get that way if they see a man in a tight dress.

    • But cash when they see that cushy be gushing.

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