Intimidated or just not that into me ?

There's this guy I've been talking to for about a month or two, and he seems very interested, but every time we're in front of each other he transforms into ice, acting like he doesn't care.

Like last night my friends told me that he threw a few glances at me every time I wasn't looking, his body language was pretty suggestive like : body turned towards me, legs wide open, feet pointed towards me, etc... He was with his friends and when I walked passed him, someone called my name, my friends heard it, I heard it, and when I turned around he was looking at me, and I know it was me he was calling and not another girl because my name is pretty rare, and when I sent him a text saying "did you call my name 2mn ago ?" and he was like "nope", I mean I'm not stupid you moron, I HEARD YOU ! Lol, and at one time he left our "group" of friends with his friends and I did'nt follow him because he was acting like he didn't care, and I don't really know any of his friends, and so then he sends me a text saying "you're not even gonna come with us ?", I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE WANTS, he seems really interested but I don't know, so please help, what do you think ? Do you think he's just shy/intimidated ? Or just not that into me ? Because I really wanna figure out, I really like this guy.

Thanks :)


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  • Intimidated by that really creepy picture of a cat as your default picture o.O

    • Lol I think he's cute ! Anyway any thoughts on my question or not ?

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    • Yeah I know I'll be wary if ever something happens :p, but in your opinion since you're a guy, do you think he's interested at all ? Or he just doesn't give a f***, I just can't figure it out, and even if I ask him he'll never tell me, he has way too much pride lol

    • Well he's clearly into you ha ha based on those signs you mentioned (even the glances, and the feet and everything yknow). But this "hard to get" sort of thing that it seems he may be doing is pretty weird, so again, be wary haha. Since he's popular I doubt it's that he's shy but you never know. In any case, even if he asks you out, don't get your hopes up, stay your own person, live your own life without needing him to be happy, stay emotionally detached, all that jazz :)

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