Not very experienced with dating and I have a date next week- tips?

Ok so I have only been on dates with 3 guys... non of them turned into a relationship, I think I am too shy so it turns them off? or makes them think I'm not interested in that way?

Well I was at work today (shop) and one of the customers asked me out on a date... I don't know him at all, have just served him a few times lol. He seems nice, and is good looking (makes me feel extra shy, find it hard to look at him in the eyes because I blush lol).

So I am going on a date with him next week and I'm really shy so I don't know what to do lol any tips on how to be less shy and nervous?


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  • When you feel yourself blushing, mention to him that he is making you blush, he will find this sweet and it will stop you going quiet, or make him reassure you that everything is fine, don't just clamp up, because guys do like shy girls, but we don't always read it as being shy, sometimes we do read it as un interested, so just mention he makes you blush when you do, it will get things going all through the date, good luck,


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