How do you know if you've got a chance with a girl or if she's too comfortable with you?

So how do you know if you've been friendzoned or not? I can't tell if this girl is flirting or just is too comfortable with me.


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  • well, one way to tell is if she talks to you about other guys, whether she is complaining, crying on your shoulder about them, saying they're hot, or whatevr.

    because for me, I would never talk about other guys in front of the guy I like, cos I tried that one time (to see how he would react) and it pshed him away.

    So yeah, observe what she talks to you about, if she's moaning to you about her relationship problems, then you're mostlikely in the friend zone.

    one more thing, does she make an effort to dress nicely in front of you or when you go to each others place? if she liKes u, she wouldn't just dress like she normally does. she'd try to make herself look prettier (makeup, nicer clothes etc.

    • why were you trying to see his reaction?

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    • so if he got jealous would that make you satisfied? But what if he didn't get jealous? Sorry for the questions, just trying to probe the female psyche.

    • well, kind of, if you want to put it that way... if he got jealous and didn't want totalkabout it, then he probably liked me. if he didnt, then he most likely doesn't. I guess it was just my strange way of finding out.

      in the end he thought I actually liked the guy I was talking about, and so he went to date someone else. (who happened to be my best friend :P)


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  • what signals do you get?

    • punching on the shoulder when I tease her, banter back and forth, her telling me that she finds me hilarious

  • You ask her and she tells you, cut to the chase if you like her ask her out, then you can move on


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  • If the girl openly talks to you about other guys, wants to cry on your shoulder when things go bad, has long girlie talks with you on the phone and is way to comfortable with you without anything never happening then you're definitely in the friend zone.