Would you like it if your girl mate asked you out?

Or are they just your friend? I'm planning on telling my guy mate that I like him more than a friend, I obv am jepordising our friendship but would you prefer girls to be honest about their intentions?

Really stuck and confused as to whether I'm doing the right thing


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  • If you want to save the friendship, but do it covertly...

    If he has given you signs, then start given him signs back.

    If he hasn't given you any signs, you can start dropping subtle signs and slowly increase the obviousness of them until he shows positive of negative signs, and then react accordingly.

    • Tbh I'm just gonna be direct and tell him can't do the subtle anymore it doesn't work lol

    • Ok Good Luck! I had a friend who was a girl, who was giving signals and I was not interested, so I ignored the signals to give her a graceful exit.

    • Well what would you say to a girl mate who said that they liked you via a text msg? would you even respond or ignore it?

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  • Ok, well it sounds like your not happy with just the friendship am I correct? It would be hard to hold that in while your "friends" so you need to either A.) just flat out tell him B.) come to a consensus such as testing out the waters as friends for awhile longer.

    I would just ask him, if your not happy with the whole "friends" deal right now.

  • dont just tell him this

    it will confuse him or something like that

    dont tell him try to show him

    try to make sure that he feels the same or else your friendship will also be in problem

    • I have to just tell him I think and yes am happy for the friendship to go if needs be, why would it confuse him? I'm going to tell him I like him then he can respond or not from that? Not really rTrying to confuse him tbh just trying to be honest ,lying is too hard isn't direct approach best?

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    • i mean don't just charge over him saying that you like him

      be slow

    • Saying over text, can't do it any other way tbh

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