Have you ever used internet dating site?

did you have to pay to use it, or use some of the most basic features?

did you find people that actually interested you? or did you look at how they looked and how attracted you were to them? because they do match people up fairly well.

did you think that the search area from your location was too big? I'm trying eHarmony and the search radius is 30 miles at the minimum. I can't see dating someone in the next city from me lol

have you ever used eHarmony? was it effective


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  • I have to be honest, I have never used eharmony.

    i did use plenty of fish (www.pof.com) its free and effective to an extent and it is people mostly local. But, I have a wonderful boyfriend now and well... I found him on here. Its long distance but we are doing great (: of course are pictures attracted us into talking to each other but he treats me like a princess and I treat him good as well. but good luck hun!

    • Yeah I have a POF account but it's gotta be way super easy for any girl on a dating site I don't really use POF anymore because it was a huge waste of time really at least for me.

    • awe I'm sorry

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  • I have met both of my long term bfs from online dating sites, you get some creeps but not everyone is going to be a weirdo. you can always delete your account if it gets weird for you.

  • I have not used one, but a friend of my mother did. It worked out well they have been married for 5 years.


What Guys Said 1

  • In my case, they have been the biggest waste of time in my online life but still do it cause I want to succeed. Nothing but rejections after another.

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