I'm so Confused. He's a really great guy or not?

I know I should be basking in joy because this guy is great other than the fact that he's really SHY! I think...

So here's the deal. We meet, there was an instant connection - mentally and psychically. Although I wanted him in my bed the 1st day we met, I was a good girl and used my manners and we ended up having some really great conversations and silent moments, even found out we mesh mentally. And sent him home the 1st three weeks of us talking.

Then came this one weekend, I guess all the tension built up and we both just let got. Never have I had sex like this. It was incomprehensible and all I can say in OMG! WOW. We both were amazed and had to step back form each other to figure out - What just happened...

Four days go by and we are sending each other casual text messages. I guess you could say they were more friendly and fun but no mention of the amazing night we had except to say it was just that -Amazing-. But I know, because it was on my mine and had me smiling; it was on his well.

And it was -after an entire day of casual text messages he text me to see what I was doing at like one in the morning. I respond basically saying that I was think about him and explaining how the tension was building from not seeing him and he responded kind of surprised but relieved because he was thinking the same thing. We made plans to see each other and get some QT time in.

And need I say, this time was even more magical then the 1st time. From then on ...(lol) we were like rabbits and it was crazy amazing very time.

The time frame on all the above is about a month into a "we're just talking" relationship. The next weekend he spends the entire weekend with me and he got real comfortable and the way he held me and kissed was amazing - purely amazing. I was so surprised that he stayed in the house me ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Ok so, here's where I get confused. I have never encounter a guy like him. Even though it's been a short time frame for us knowing each other everyday with or without him in my presence has been amazing. And I wanting to know were we stand as far as a relationship? He's really shy and I am as well. He treats me as if I'm his girlfriend but sometimes he is extremely standoffish. And I really don't know how to read that.

Everything inside me is saying this guy is being genuine. But I've been in so many nightmarish relationships I don't want to convolute the potential with this one. But I find myself slipping there because of his standoffish-ness. I know that I'm falling for this guy ... and I really don't mind it. I just don't want to wake-up and be the fool.

What do you think ...Should I risk it?


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  • You've already "risked it" what are you asking?

    • Well I have't dove in head 1st I'm still testing the waters with my toes and liking how it feels. So the risk is diving in...

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