Guys, was he being serious or is this just how you joke around?

Okay, so I overheard this conversation at work. Basically this guy, Drew, was joking around with my crush (they're really good friends) and teasing him about how we apparently like each other. Anyway, Drew was joking around and he said that my crush should take me to "the back room"for a few minutes because Drew "knew he wanted to."And he was like, "You know you want to! Don't tell me you haven't thought about it. You'd have her moaning your name!"

And I was glancing back to see his reaction and my crush was grinning and shaking his head and seemed like he was into the conversation. But I know that he avoids embarrassing things by walking away.

So I'm kinda curious. Haha, I mean, who wouldn't be? Do you think he was/had actually thought about about it? Or is that just how guys joke around?


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  • He thought about it in the first 30 seconds he met you.

    If he's still talking to you then he's wondering what it would be like to come up behind you, and whisper in your ear "Let's go to the back. Meet me there in a few minutes."

    And I don't know if they still do this these days, but he'd probably grope you while he says it. But then now there are cameras everywhere and you'd just get some security guard aroused. Case the back room for surveillance cameras.

    I'd have to encourage you to walk past him all flirty and give him the "come hither" look as you slink your way to the back. As the times they are a changin, women have become more aggressive and we like that. Finding the right girl just got easier. We all had to drop out of college and lose our jobs. But hey, progress is progress.

    I remember a couple of walk in freezers when I was a waiter...

  • It is joking around with truth in it. In other words, it is being said mostly to be humorous, but what makes it humorous is that it is probably true. If you had asked your crush later if he would like a trip to the back room with you, you would probably see him start salivating and sprouting a woody, regardless of what he says, so yes, he would like it.


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