Guys why is he acting like this?

This guy at the gym congratulated me on something. So I was trying to make small talk how things are anything new. His response was I don't have fun.. I was like well let me know if you want to go out and it can be fun.. His response was ha ha I play softball Monday and Friday then workout and work the rest of the week.. I don't have fun.. but then I saw him today and I was stretching getting ready to workout and he walks past me and looks at me like he is completely tired and drained from working out. so I start getting everything I need for my workout and he comes up to me and goes when are you going to workout... SO I go outside to get started on my workout and he then out of no where jumps in front of me over my plyo box on his way to the car.. why is he keep talking to me.. if he was being friendly he wouldn't seek my attention while I am getting ready to workout?


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  • It's probably his way of telling you that he JUST REALIZED what you were saying earlier. Sometimes we are not the quickest people on the planet. I say try again and see if his response is any different.


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