Experienced guy, or inexperienced guy?

Girls, from your experience, has being with an innocent, inexperienced, virgin guy (who's not had his first kiss even and relationship-wise), been better than with an experienced guy? I don't know if that made sense lol. I guess what I'm trying to say, does it last longer? Or does the relationship 'feel' more real and genuine? How and why/ or why not.. I've never been in a relationship myself, but I was just wondering!


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  • For some reason this is really hard to answer.. but it shouldn't be lol I'm currently with someone who has experienced everything for the first time with me. While being with an experienced guy equals to great sex, I can't say that I have had better sex with anyone than the sex I'm getting now. It's been 17months and my boyfriend has become a really confident lover. He was shy and hesitant at first but eventually let go and handles me really well. This could be biased, because the fact that I am in love with this guy makes the sex THAT much better.

    As a one night stand.. An experienced partner would be the better option. BUT in saying that.. spending the night teaching a guy how to f*** like a man... could be a fun experience lol

  • From my experience, it has to do with how much I am attracted to them and not their experience or lack of and how much we have in common, etc. Their experience means nothing.