HELP! Does he really not care or did I make a mistake and should contact him?

So I asked him over text if he felt things were going anywhere and he replied "Idk it feels like we are forcing it:/" because we tried to make things work from the last time when we didn't have time to be together. We never fought.. ever. But at the time when I texted this, I wasn't even thinking and I turned into a break up. (Idk if he even truly wanted to) And the whole time he was just saying yea this sucks and I said well we have things to keep us busy. And he just said yea I guess so.. It just seemed like he didn't really care so I didn't reply and he texted back asking if I would reply, so I replied to him pretty much just saying everything I felt and how he is so confusing and he never made an effort to even open his mouth to say how he felt about things (I was kind of harsh) It was in the moment. Never got a reply, now its been about 5 months. Now I'm just missing him STILL and feeling guilty. Should I just get over it already?

I just feel like there wasn't much closure and a lot of un answered questions.. and that's why I still keep thinking about this, or after all this time should it nbot matter?


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  • Boy you wait a long time...! 5mo. he can be long gone, with another woman. But if he doesn't call then you at a loss, or try calling him and actually talk. but do you want him after he slept with other women?

    • No I know for a fact he hasn't been with anyone, he is too busy lol

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