When a guy says he'll call is it usually genuine, or just a way to end a convo?

This guy I've been seeing called me on Tues just to chat. I was the one who ended the convo, told him he should get back to work since he was calling from his office. He said "OK, I'll call you on the weekend"

Sometimes when guys say they'll call but don't state a specific time..I take it with a grain of salt. But this time he says when he'll call..does that sound like he will?

If a guy doesn't call when he says he will, is it much of a big deal?


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  • Like the other person said he called once, he will probably call again. Also, you ended the "talk" before he did. The idea is to play hard to get while still seeming interested. As long as you think he is still interested you are in good shape.

  • He called you once so you're over that initial "is he gonna call?". Don't worry about it.


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