Girls: What do you like about men?

(If you post "I like big arms and funny personality", you read the question wrong. I'll get that out of the way.)

It seems like men and women have a different "language" in how they are attracted to each other. When trying to look through each others' eyes, it seems like a mess of irrational thinking.

So what is is ABOUT guys you find yourself attracted to?


I'll give my example by explaining what I like about girls (when with the right girl, of course):

-With a girlfriend, I don't feel like I'm competing for everything, all the time. With guys, there tends to be a lot of trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else, otherwise you're expended and ignored. With girls, this doesn't seem near as strong.

-There's something about kissing a girl, and knowing she wants to kiss you back, that's incredibly thrilling.

-Seeing a smile on her face, knowing I put it there, is absolutely priceless. I don't really need anything in return. (But I have no tolerance for her "expecting it", like it's common courtesy and not a good gesture)

-I love how everything about them seems soft and graceful.

It's not that I "Get some thrill in a submissive women. Rawr Patriarchy!" Like rumors seem to say about guys. It's that it's really nice to have some ray of light when you feel dark, dirty, or inadequate. It's nice knowing there's someone who isn't constantly wanting to beat the weaknesses out of you. Someone you can open up to in ways society doesn't seem to like.

-Oh, it's also said that a woman's instinct to take care of children is hormonally equivalent to a man's similar bond to a woman.

Those are the kinds of things I'm looking for. Not specifics things or personalities or whatever. Just, what is it about the other gender that attracts you to them.

Men, you can answer about women, too. if you wish.


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  • -Guys tend to be a lot simpler than girls. Not in a bad way! Guys tend to not beat around the bush with things and they'll just come out and be honest with you without creating a lot of drama.

    -At least with the guys I've met, they tend to not be really pushy. Like, if you don't want to do something, they're usually totally okay with that.

    -I always feel protected when I'm around guys (that I trust).

  • I enjoy the feeling of a man putting his arms around me. It makes me feel, safe, protected, loved, and incredibly peaceful.


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