He can take his time but I have to answer, possible controlling?

if I don't answer him within a few hours, or sometimes sooner if we are talking about something "juicy", he will make a remark if he doesn't get a reply fast enough.

a few weeks I was gone for a day and I didn't really tell him so it took me almost a day to answer a text and in between he had texted me a second time since I didn't answer him.

then I didn't answer a question for a few hours so he sends me a "?" or a "you there?" or something.

but he can take his time replying to me. then again I don't usually nag him if he doesn't. should I also send him a "?" if I never get a reply? he usually does reply though but a few times he has not, or taken a long time. he just seems to make a bigger deal if I don't.


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  • He's more immature than he is controlling. In order to label someone as controlling, there must exist more signs than just that. A controlling person always ask "Where are you going?", "Who are you hanging out with?" till it reaches another level when he tells you where to go and where not to go, friends you can hang out with and those you aren't allowed to see. Moreover, he gives you the silent treatment when you do/say something he doesn't approve of. It's all about him and he's always right. He set the rules and expects you to follow...happily.

    Also, when you try to blame him on something that he did/said, he reacts defensively. He tries to shut you off from the outside world. He blows hot and cold - acts all lovey dovey when you're distant, but once you're attached he acts arrogantly and like he doesn't care.

    All in all, controlling people are very emotionally abusive. They drive you crazy and the only solution is to run far away to save your sanity.

    Is he controlling? You have to observe other signs like the ones I stated up there.

    I believe if it's only about messages, then he's still a boy. He thinks he can tell you what to do. He has an inflated ego - which is a fake one - and wants you to indulge it. He's selfish and immature, and supplies his ego with stupid childish acts like these.

    You have to tell him that you're annoyed. You gotta stop him from the very beginning. Don't let anyone control your moves. Of course he'll get defensive or give you the silent treatment for a while. Let him grow up. Draw your boundaries and let him respect them.

    Hope this helps.

    • Very good advice your exactly right it starts off small can escalate over time if the problem isn't dealt with when its small.

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  • He's a self-centered f***. Yeah, give him a dose of his own medicene. Or you could stop talking to him because he sounds obnoxious.

  • dont adopt his behavior , its too tiring and he'll only notice if you do it constantly

    just tell him to knock it off


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  • Yeah I've had problems with guys like that my self through txting everythings on there terms they don't seem to think about suiting you there just controlling self obsorbed a**holes like the one urv got from the sounds of it.

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