How do I show him that I'm interested before school starts?

So I have been attracted to a guy since fall semester and finally met him spring semester. I can tell he likes me, because he has gone out of his way several times to help me in different classes. He stares and blushes, giggles when I smile, etc...

How do I show him I'm interested on Facebook? What things can I talk about with him ?


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  • If he likes you then there really isn't much you have to worry about as long as you two are talking, the topics are irrelevant. Just say hi how's your summer and if he'd like to hang out? if that's too much just make up simple talk. It will show him that you're interested and its up to him to make the move since you initiated.

  • Why Facebook? Show him that your interested in real life! He seems to like you, but he hasn't asked you out yet? Maybe he's one of those more timid guys and you should take initiative. Invite him to a movie or just to hang out.


    • Well I choose Facebook because school doesn't start til August. So I figured I would show my interest before school starts. But inviting him to a movie or to hang out is a good idea. Thanks!

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