Best first date moves for men


is it true ladies? what other advice would you give men on dates?

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  • Advice I disagree with:

    "women like a man who can be a smooth talker" Relaxed and confident is one thing, sounding rehearsed and player-like is another :P

    "On the first date, never let the woman pay." I don't see anything wrong with splitting the check, even on the first date. I go on dates expecting to pay for my own share, and when a guy agrees with that, we're that much more compatible.

    "If you don’t open a door, you don’t know how to be a gentleman." What if I want to be the nice one and open the door for him?

    'Touching is always a good sign" IF she's comfortable with that.

    "Whatever you do, don’t ever compare this date to your last date." I've heard hilarious first date stories when guys have done this. I wouldn't want a guy to hold back a funny story because he's afraid I'll get jealous that he's freakin' been on a date before.

    "After two or three dates, you don’t owe him an explanation." Okay you don't OWE him, but be a decent human being and be honest with him. You can be honest without hurting someone.

    • Can't say I've ever had a door held open for me before on a first date...

      besides that.. agreed with this bit

    • agreed for the most part :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • Well I didn't really go through and read the whole article...sorry it was just too much of the girls talking... but I'll just tell you what I look for at a first date not necessarily moves because it's kind of stupid to expect every guy to behave in a general way. The only thing I really expect from a first date is good interesting slightly goofy and hilarious conversation and respect. Respect me and my ideas and my extreme goofy/nerdyness and we will be golden. I like to be able to have an intellectual conversation at times too so be able to talk about more than your hoes and the types of shoes you wear and how much money you got in the bank and we will be cool. I also like to pay for my own things so allow me to do that because I am very independent I feel like if I'm walking talking and breathing on my own than I don't need anyone to do little things for me that I'm capable of doing for myself...but a nice gesture every once in awhile is still cool I'm not going to stop you if you really want to do something for me :)

    Well hope that helps some how

  • Short answer:

    Those women were too harsh...must be cus' they're middle aged.

    Long answer:

    Inexperience when asking doesn't matter, a lack of conversation does though. if the people can really get on It should flow once the initial nervousness is gone

    Nervousness isn't that big of a deal either, as long as the dude isn't shaking. Confidence is attractive though, manners are pretty much a must (but I'd give the guy more than one chance to prove he has some.)

    What he does, not a big deal as long as he's going somewhere (Although I don't meet many guys that aren't so..)

    Ambition, hmmm I would exchange that for passion. I would hope he has a strong interest in one or two things, that's attractive.

    We can split the bill, for now it doesn't bother me. Broke students.

    I wouldn't go to a restaurant on a first date tbh.

    I remember reading somewhere on here that American girls are big on the whole salary and living thing. This article seems to suggest that's true. I chose E btw.

    • I agree with you, the article has a sample of middle aged hard working women, which most undoubtedly will show some biased responses towards that age group.

  • Here's my commentary on the article.

    Yes, the guy should always pay for the date. The meal and any other activities. The guy should pay most of the time for stuff anyway. Also open the door, pull out her chair, give her your coat if she's cold...etc. Shows you're chivalrous and it's very hot.

    Yes, we do like men who are confident, smooth talker, has good social skills. Nervousness is definitely a turn off.

    Do not talk about past relationships on the first date. Save that conversation for later.

    Touching -maybe touch her on the waist lightly or take her arm, but don't grab her ass on the first date.

    What he does for a living -I would already know what he does before I went on the date. I only date smart men who are going somewhere with their lives

    Does it matter where he takes you? Uh yeah it matters. If he took me to McDonalds that would be the last date..idc if that's all he can afford or's about having good taste. I mean, it's the FIRST date..

    I also hate it when the guy asks me "So where do you wanna go?" You're the guy,you asked me out...YOU pick. I can pick later unless I just don't know.

    If I don't like him then I'll just tell him it's not gonna work out later in a text message. I won't make up some bullsh*t excuse.

    • Yeah I think Mcdonalds is a poor choice for a first date. Its a date com on! :D

What Guys Said 3

  • Never ask women for advice on these things. They give you idealized version of their prince charming expectations. Look at what they say "he's a bartender putting himself through law school", "even a rich man has to have ambition", "if you don't open a door, you're not a gentleman", and my personal favorite "it's like a job interview".

    Hogwash. Typical aging career women mentality. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

    They want a lawyer to show off to society with his high profile job, who's rich and doesn't have ambition?, surely they are all nothing but ladies of the highest order, and a job interview? That's the women who'll pull out her phone with a list or pre-prepared questions and criteria to hit you with.

    If it was that easy to give men the "right" advice for how to be good daters, then all these women would be married wouldn't they?

    First off each date is different so what works for one may not work for another. I can't tell you the last time I just simply paid for everything.

    Not everything they say is bad, like touching, that's a good way to escalate things, being respectful is common sense in life, presentation helps a little too.

    But my main point remains.

    • I don't give idealized versions of prince charming expectations because I live in reality not La La Land! your generalizing with an idealized version of what you think woman will say...the mirror is facing in your direction now so take a good look at yourself and stop assuming!

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    • Hey Melsmo who ever said I was referring to you? That is unless you were one of the women from the article.

      What I think will women will say? I didn't think it, they said it all, did you read the linked article?

      I have taken a look at myself and I found that I don't like seeing a man who lets women walk all over him.

    • I agree with this.

  • Be genuine and never talk to much, ask her questions she likes to answer, because women love to talk, ask her how her food is, and don't worry about not finishing the food, its a date, it doesn't always mean she's hugry, order wine but ask her first what she likes. otherwise the list is pretty good.

  • Sounds like a bunch of bitches.