What are good excuses to be near girl?

I don't want to be too obvious and I want to spend time with her while not actually dating. I don't think she would say yes now. Or do you think, that I should try to ask her out, right away?

If not, what are good excuses? (I don't yet have her number, just Facebook) Is it to just be around "somehow", or it's better to invite her somewhere with common friends or find activities she does and join?

How should I do it?

Anything else I need to know?

Tell me anything that pops into your mind. Everything appreciated.


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  • Don't creepily linger just outside of her "radar coverage" - it has a much longer range than you think. You have to hit a sweet-spot between too shy/passive and overly aggressive. 80% of guys err on the shy/passive side and this is why they end up with girls they actually do not quite like byt they are the ones fate issued them, so a lot of them grow resentful in time / cheat / abuse etc.

    It is better for all involved if you take charge. It would be smart to first get involved in what she is doing (that you genuinely appreciate and to what you can add value) - along the lines DrPhil13 said. Then invite her along for something cool you are doing. Like "hey I am going to an XYZ class/meetup/performance/... - would you like to come along?" This can't be manufactured as she'll see through that. And if you have no interests (other than eating and drinking out and TV) that are compelling, well solve that one first before worrying about any one female in particular - because if you do, you may no longer find yourself facing an uphill battle meeting interesting, attractive women like most males do.


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  • Chat to her on Facebook, invite her to events, etc

  • you shouldn't need an excuse to be around a girl, just be honest


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  • If you don't know how she feels about you (dating-wise), then you should absolutely find out her interests and invite her to participate in an activity with common friends. Get to know her better during this activity, and it can lead to bigger and better things.

    Other things - if she has a problem, help her solve it, or give her advice. Offer to do something for her (run an errand, pick up something, etc), If she is athletic, offer to train with her (e.g. train for a race, etc) If there is an event happening, ask if she is going, and ask if you could tag along, and perhaps invite others - or you might organize attending an event with others and ask her if she would like to be included.

    There are tons of things that couples can do in common, short of "dating". If you find it hard to find this commonality, then perhaps she is not the one for you! Good Luck!