What is Wrong With Him?

So me and this guy was dating about 6 months. And our past relationship just did not work out. :( But him and I had a few ups and downs and arguments back and forth, so I just decided to let go and leave matter along. And around 2011 him and I we talk again for some time then something came up and he had a new girlfriend and I was dating another guy, so we went are own ways at the point. Now at 2012 we both decided to drop the drama and start new and get along with each other and him and I are both single for 2 different reason. But I was the one that said I was tired of going back in froth with him either we talk or don't it was like hate each other one min then the next talking yeah didn't like it. So Now him and I talk on and off we get along very well, but we talk over face book and sometimes text but just fb. Then just a few months ago he try's to send me a friend request. And I'm like just because I'm talking to you don't mean that I want to add you back as a friend, and plus I seen that he added a few other of his exes so I don't want to be like that. And plus I sure don't want him all in my business, I have nothing to hide but were not together so why should he see photos of me or just things I post. But the crazy thing is I haven't heard from him and a min now, but I went on his page today and now we have 4 friends in common, at 1st it was only 3. But he goes adding my best friend and she's now on his page, and I know that she don't care for talking to him he only met her once. But Question is why is he adding my friend's that he do NOT No?..


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  • Sounds like he's immature and just trying to upset you.


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