Is it a good idea for a guy that really likes a girl to introduce himself to her friends if they are around?

He has been talking to the girl he likes for a while of course. Girls how would something like that influence your thinking of a guy or would it ?


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  • Oh ABSOLUTELY that's a good thing.

    Making a good impression on them is NEVER a bad thing. :)


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  • Yeah, if he doesn't then I'll think he's rude.

    Keep this in mind; it benefits you to make a good impression on your girlfriend's friends or even just a girl you really like and are seriously dating. If things go bad between you guys and your girl goes to her friends to ask what they think she should do, her friends will put in a bad word for you if you've been an a**hole or if you've been rude.


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  • Well some girls who can't make their own decisions tend to turn to their friends for approval so I guess getting in good with them won't hurt.

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