Boyfriend told me he can't handle the fighting yet he still loves me...? help :(

So yesterday my boyfriend texted me saying that he wanted to talk about some stuff so I asked what. He then proceeded to tell me that because (according to him) the past three weeks we have fought too much and I Haven't been nice to him (he is an a**hole sometimes as well)

Thursday night we had a huge fight where I almost ended everything. I then realized that we both needed to be nicer to each other so the next day I made a very conscious effort to be the nicest I could be, he on the other hand was not nice at all and after having me cook him some food told me that he thought we should go hang with our own friends that night. I said okay, not wanting to be bitchy.

Now he is saying that he just 'cant handle all the fighting' and that we need to take a break and start back as friends however he still loves me and I love him. I asked him to give it a few more weeks for things to change but he has decided that he "knows me and knows what will happen because according to him I can't change"

Im sorry for the length of this :( I just have no idea what I'm supposed to do...I mean if we stay in this relationship longer will he decide to do this again? Is it even worth it?


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  • He sounds confused. Start as strangers and keep it that way. Of course he will do the same thing. It's not worth it.

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