Did he just want sex?

Met this guy last night, very handsome.

He told me I was beautiful gave me his number...It was in a club,

when I walked to the ladies room he came after me and tried to kiss me...I said no.. And turned my head away ( I don't like things to go that fast) things got a little weird he asked me to go with him later on I said what you wane do? He said you will see yes or no? I said no

Did I judge to quick by saying no...?

now I think I kind of made a mistake by not going

The next time I will get to see him is September

or did I do the right thing ? Because I automatically assumed he only wanted sex...?


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  • Lol you were right, he only wanted sex.

    • Because?

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    • true dat

    • thanks..i know but can you explain to me after I rejected him... (it was on some kind of holiday for 15 days) we went out every night in the same club where he worked...from the beginning I walked in till the moment I left he didn't stop looking at me and I ignored him so after a few nights he told me I was arrogant and stuff like that what is up with that

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